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Our Commitment to ESG Integration

At Cypress Capital Group, our commitment to our investors goes beyond mere financial stewardship.

In the ever-expanding realm of ESG, our strategic focus remains on key priorities like sustainability, diversity, and robust governance. At Cypress Capital Group, we are committed to setting the standard and translating our insights into economic growth opportunities throughout our real estate investment portfolio.

Our Environmental Impact

California is a leader in environmental sustainability, pushing the envelope with single-family residential energy efficiency standards. Requirements at the state and local level include, but are not limited to:

  • School Impact Fees
  • Park Impact Fees
  • Solar power and electric vehicle charging ports
    • CCG proudly uses Silfab Elite SIL-380 BK panels, the highest-efficiency panel exclusively manufactured in the US
  • Natural Gas ban in new homes 
  • New homes built are 100% electric 
  • Demolition: Reuse or recycle 100% of inert solids and a minimum of 65% of all construction and demolition debris
  • Water efficient appliances and fixtures
  • Water efficient landscaping that uses native drought-tolerant species
  • 100% LED lighting, and use of automatic off timers in bathrooms
  • 6” thick exterior insulation: R-30+ in attic and R-19 in exterior walls provide better heating-cooling efficiency and conserve energy
  • Double-paned Windows provide better heating-cooling efficiency and conserve energy
  • HVAC: Nest thermostats, tankless water heaters, Mitsubishi heat pumps and air handlers, and duct-sealing serve to optimize heating-cooling energy efficiency while providing quiet to homeowners and neighbors.

Our Social Impact

Cypress Capital Group is a minority and woman owned firm.
We are embedded in our local communities.
Over 90% of our contractors and suppliers are local.
Over 70% of our contractors and suppliers are minority owned.
We donate 10% of our profits to charity.

Our Governance

  • Alignment of Interest: CCG’s General Partner commitment of up to 10%+ of Fund Size far exceeds the typical 2% industry standard. 
  • Code of Conduct: transparency is central to our business and ethos.
    • Real Estate offers unparalleled transparency to investors: acquisition, sale, and permitting are all public records.
    • Hard assets are easier to price and understand than intangible assets. 
    • CCG’s culture is best exemplified by Ray Dalio’s Principles, in particular Radical Transparency
  • Corporate Experience and Tenure of Partners: combined 120 years and $120Bn of institutional investment experience.
  • Advisory Board: CCG prides itself on the academic and institutional pedigree of its Advisors
  • Quadruple check on fund returns by independent firms: Fund Administrator, Fund Accountant, Book Keeper and CCG must tie out all fund return calculations.


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