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Residential Real Estate Investment in US Tech Centered Cities

Cypress Capital Group

We are a boutique firm focused on real estate investment, design-build services and residential leasing in Silicon Valley, New York, and Austin.

Our senior partners boast a combined 120 years and $120B of institutional investment experience. Our vision is to be the premier investor and developer in single and multifamily residential properties in Silicon Valley, NY and Austin. These Tech-Centered Cities are increasing their market share of venture capital Investments and are home to a growing number of unicorn startups. They are epicenters of wealth creation through new technologies such as AI, Automation and Fusion.

Investment Management

Cypress Capital Group combines a distinguished pedigree, unparalleled local expertise, and a dedicated development team, all strengthened by our cutting-edge proprietary analytical software. We invest opportunistically and dynamically across regions and economic conditions, making us a reliable partner for investors seeking consistent returns.

Design-Build Services

CCG Design Build is dedicated to crafting stunning, architecturally award-winning properties and building quality to last generations. With our pricing discipline and experience, we ensure that we acquire, design and build properties at precisely the terms that align with your objectives.

Residential Leasing

Our properties reside in prime locations for communities to form; our amenities offer seamless convenience of “smart” homes; and our spaces offer efficient layouts filled with light and beautiful landscapes. Take a look for yourself: our homes.


We Invest in US Tech-Centered Cities

Over the past two decades, the market share of Venture Capital invested in Silicon Valley and NY has almost doubled from 30% to 55%. Austin is a small but growing Tech Center. These cities offer diversification in terms of geography, political landscapes, economic cycles, and the size of Tech companies. Lastly, these regions are located in the three largest States of the US. Our Total Addressable Market offers substantial investment opportunities.

Real Estate Investment in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

Real Estate Investment in New York City

New York

Real Estate Investment in Austin


our properties


Our residential properties are highly curated for their prime locations. We build quality, light filled spaces with innovative technology and beautiful landscaping. Learn more: CCG Design Build.


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