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Residential Real Estate Investment and Development in US Tech-Centered Cities

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Tech-Centers are the most productive and vibrant sector of any economy. Residential investment, as an asset class, has historically outperformed other CRE.

By its nature, innovation through technology, has always created new wealth. Even before the current age of AI, Automation and Fusion, the venture capital investments in Silicon Valley and NY has doubled as a market share over the past 20 years versus other tech-centers in the US. Austin is a small but growing and important diversification for these coastal economic giants. In a post Covid, hybrid work model, residential real estate shall benefit from even stronger tailwinds versus other CRE assets. At Cypress Capital Group, we thrive in this niche, harnessing the potential of tech-centric cities and the enduring appeal of residential real estate, positioning ourselves to deliver exceptional results for our investors.

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    Our Process

    Follow the Economy

    Cypress Capital Group uniquely combines classic macroeconomic analysis and local micro-economic factors to execute our investment thesis. In an era where many cities claim to be the “Silicon Valley of …,” how do we identify true Tech-Centers? How do we rationalize investing in regions such as Silicon Valley and NY where they are seen to be “over-regulated” and “over-taxed?” Why is NY the home to the most billionaires in the world and SF the home to the 2nd most billionaires in the US? Why haven’t they all moved to FL and TX ? Is cost the only factor in deciding the ideal investment location or is it net income? From the right questions, come the answers to justify our investment thesis: Residential Real Estate Investment and Development in US Tech-Centered Cities

    Precision Analysis and Prediction

    Wen Shiau, founder, was one of the first quantitative traders on Wall St in the 1980s, after graduating with a theoretical math and computer science degree. Wen’s quantitative background led to the creation of Cypress Neighborhood Analysis (CNA) which is a key analytical tool to value real estate properties in any US city in real time. As an illustration, consider Austin, where CNA evaluates 127 distinct neighborhoods. Even a broker with decades of local knowledge cannot match the depth and breadth of market insights provided by CNA. The accuracy of pricing the $/sq ft of a property in both acquisition and sale has allowed us to maximize our returns and perhaps even more importantly, walk away from overpaying.


    Our acquisition begins with our team’s decades-long and first-hand knowledge of the neighborhood, supplemented by an extensive network of local brokers and enhanced by our proprietary analytical software, CNA. Perfecting our valuation tool, understanding hot and cold neighborhoods and delivering the right product mix determines our successful outcome even before we have started construction.

    Development & Asset Management

    We relentlessly improve on our team of architects, contractors, and craftsmen. Our approach to development is balancing quality, beauty and cost for each neighborhood. We are opportunistic investors who build to rent or to sell, maximizing returns.


    Our dynamic risk management enables us to weather market downturns and exit investments at the optimal time. We utilize leverage, location, and economic outlook to stress test our investment so that it may weather economic shocks. We sell at the right price or lease when we cannot maximize price; however, our core belief is that our tier 1 locations’ economic vibrancy shall recover sooner in any downturn.

    One Clinton St. Brooklyn, NY

    Luxury condominium in Brooklyn, NY. Acquired in 2020 at 15% discount, financed at 3% mortgage. Rents increased 40% (August 2021 to August 2023).

    Investing with Cypress Capital Group Thriving Throughout Turbulence

    There are two vehicles to invest with Cypress Capital Group. We are the General Partners of our private equity real estate funds and offer direct investment opportunities to select investors.

    We focus exclusively on opportunistic investments, targeting 20%+ IRR, on residential real estate (Single and Multi-family) in US Tech-Centered Cities (Silicon Valley, NY and Austin only).  These tier 1 cities offer good economic growth and more importantly during downturns, great downside protection in magnitude and faster recoveries.  The stability of residential properties have historically provided the highest Sharpe ratio of CRE.

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    Partner Commitment:

    Cypress Capital Group, as the General Partner of our funds has historically invested up to 10% of the fund, far in excess of the typical 2% GP commitments in the industry. We are aligned with our limited partners.

    Notable Investors:

    As our investment thesis is built on Tech, we have some notable venture capitalists and tech operators as LPs.  Many of our LPs have known us for decades and have re-upped and up-sized their investments with us. We bring our gratitude to old and new investors by developing meaningful conversations not only in real estate but asset allocation strategies.


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      Residential Real Estate Investment and Development in U.S. Tech- Centered Cities.