Cypress Capital

Advisory Board Member:

An Advisory Board position is obviously a very high level, trusted confidant of the firm. Your multi-decades of Operating experience and Relationships will help us scale because you are motivated to help the next generation of real estate leaders succeed.


  • Play a leading role in fundraising activities

  • Leverage relationships with LPs who are accredited investors and smaller institutional investors


Our investment thesis of investing in residential real estate, single and multi-family, in Tech-Centered Cities brings us in contact with investors who are VC or Tech Operators.

  • Cultural fit with our mission statement as espoused on our website

  • 20+ years as a C-suite executive from VC, PE or real estate development

  • Impeccable professional and academic backgrounds

Ray Dalio said: “Some are looking for a paycheck, some are on a mission.”


Revenue sharing with the General Partner’s economics from traditional Private Equity Real Estate funds or fee based on fundraising activities.

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Job status: Part-time
Job Location: Anywhere, USA

Residential Real Estate Investment and Development in U.S. Tech- Centered Cities.