From Concept to Reality,
Cypress Capital Group’s
Semi-Custom Home Solutions

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

From advising and acquiring to designing and building, Cypress Capital Group is a full service destination for your home building project.

By working with our network of investment experts, architects, designers and contractors, we deliver full scale Design-Build solutions and simplify the multifaceted home building process in Silicon Valley. To get started call us at (650) 427-9883.

Data Driven Decision Making

Cypress Neighborhood Analysis (CNA) is our data and software tool for single and multi-family homes that provides granular neighborhood data based on various criteria such as neighborhood, house size, lot size, etc. It can be a valuable tool to help you make more informed decisions.

Elevating Neighborhoods

CCG delivers exceptional design, adds value and elevates the neighborhoods where we build new homes. We work closely with city building officials to develop properties that maximize the neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal. One of our homes is featured in the Redwood City Residential Design Guide.


Americas Awards


A Forever Home

More than just a house, we are building a home, a place where joyful, lasting memories are created. Let us help you get there with less stress.